The Bear-necessities; An exclusive interview with Where the bears are star Ian Parks


If you haven’t been watching Where the bears are the real question is; where have you been? This brilliantly written mystery-comedy web series will keep you in suspense and rolling on the floor with laughter. Besides their parade of sexy, hairy, hunky, naked bears, Where the bears are has kept audiences enthralled and on the edge of their seats with their wonderful mystery solving hijinks and a true to life look at modern day gay relationships. The show is available to watch on You tube, ITunes, or at their website It is truly one of the best shows out today.  As season 4 comes to a nail-biting end we got the chance to speak with actor Ian parks who plays “Hot Toddy” on the show, in an exclusive interview to get to know the man behind the fur.


CC– “Let’s start with where you grew up”

IP– “I grew up in Pennsylvania, and moved around a couple times during my adolescence due to my father’s job. I went to high school in Harrisburg, PA, and that’s where my folks still live today.”

CC- “I am a big fan of your Portrayal of Toddy on the show. I notice these fantastic hand gestures and facial expressions that really sell the character for me. Where does that come from? How do you study character acting?”

IP– “Well, Todd is definitely the “normal” one of the 4 guys. Joe, Rick, and Ben have to play very exaggerated characters, so really, what they are doing is much more difficult, in my opinion. For Todd, I basically just have to play him as genuine and grounded as I can, so the hand gestures and facial expressions are really just honest reactions to what the other three crazy bears are doing. And while Todd is definitely a fictional character, there’s a lot of myself in how I play him….I just try to make him as believable and real as possible, given that he’s surrounded by 3 silly roommates and some very unorthodox situations.”

CC– “How do you keep that Hot Toddy, muscle bear look. What’s your workout routine?

IP– “I don’t really have one, honestly. I used to be much more strict about what I ate and how I worked out, and I still try to eat relatively healthy and get to the gym every day when possible….but that’s the thing. Sometimes, given my work schedule, it’s NOT always possible to make time for the gym, so I make sure I go whenever I’m able and try to get a good, solid, focused workout when I do. I don’t really drink any alcohol, not for any particular reason, I’ve never been much of a drinker. And I try to eat well and keep things in my life clean and healthy, but I’m not that strict about it anymore. Life is too short to agonize over workout routines and diets! As long as I’m happy and comfortable in my own skin, that’s what is most important to me!”

CC-“Any junk food guilty pleasures?”

IP– “Not really, no. I do love a big juicy stacked hamburger….not fast food like McDonalds, but a real, big, meaty hamburger….but I don’t think that’s really “junk” food. Meat has protein; it’s good for you, so I don’t feel guilty at all when I have one!”


CC– “What’s the perfect day all to yourself?”

IP– “I like to watch TV in the mornings while I have my coffee, so I’d start with that. Then off to the gym to get a nice leisurely workout in, so I can get that out of the way for the day. Then, I dunno….I like being outside, in the sun, in nature, away from the noise and clamor of Los Angeles. So spending the day at the beach, or taking a hike, or even just driving around getting some fresh air is more than enough for me. It helps keep me centered. And then in the evening, I’d go to a movie or something, cuz I love movies.”

CC– “You recently told Playbear magazine you were single. I know a lot of guys hope that’s still true. But what turns you on in a man personality wise?”

IP– “Confidence, respect for others, integrity, intelligence, loyalty, a sense of humor, no drama, honesty…I like a guy who is comfortable in his own skin, who is confident without being cocky, who is considerate of other people and respectful of those around him, who doesn’t take himself too seriously, who asks questions and likes to learn, who is self-aware and honest with himself and with others. I don’t have any time for drama and bullshit in my life, and I’m very good at spotting it in other people, so really, I like a man who keeps it real. None of us are perfect, and that’s ok…he doesn’t have to be perfect. But accepting the imperfections about himself and striving to be better, and accepting the imperfections in other people….that’s a great quality to have.”


CC– “I’ve also heard you like to make lists. I love that about you. I think it’s a sign of a very creative and curious mind. I was wondering if you could list for us your top 10 favorite movies.

IP– “Haha, oh, I can easily give you my top ten movies off the top of my head!”

1) Pulp Fiction

2) American Beauty

3) Gravity

4) Amores Perros

5) Moulin Rouge!

6) Amadeus

7) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

8) Traffic

9) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

10) Sunset Boulevard

CC– “Are you a fan of TV right now?”

IP– “I don’t really watch a lot of TV…I don’t even have cable in my house. But some current TV shows I enjoy? South Park, The Leftovers, Daredevil, Game of Thrones, True Detective…A lot of stuff on HBO, or Netflix, or Showtime. I don’t know if that’s the same as TV though, because they don’t have commercials, and can swear and show nudity and graphic violence.”

CC– “Who’s your celebrity crush right now? Like whom would you like to see guest star in season 5?”

IP– “My celebrity crush? Ummm….I don’t know, I don’t really have celebrity crushes, but I guess, if you had to press me for one….Tom Hardy. That man is sexy and handsome and talented.”


CC- “Are plans in the making for seasons 5 of “Where the Bears are”? A kickstarter or any info on that you can give us?”

IP– “I don’t know, honestly. I don’t own any part of WTBA, the business or the property, so you’re asking the wrong person about that! You’d have to ask Joe, Rick, or Ben….it’s their show, I’m just lucky enough to go along for the ride! I will say that ideas are being/have been discussed, and I really HOPE we get to do a 5th season, cuz the ideas that are being thrown around are really, really cool and exciting, and could potentially take the show in a very exciting new direction. Hint; Nelson and Todd’s honeymoon 🙂 But who knows. The ideas that are being discussed now could change completely by the time they sit down to write the script, IF they sit down to write the script. I know those guys are busy as hell just trying to finish THIS season and only once season 4 is done will they start seriously thinking about a season 5. I have no idea if that means we would do another kickstarter or not. As always, WTBA will continue as long as there is a demand for more, and with no studio or advertisers, we rely entirely on support from the fans, so please, anyone reading this, if you’re a fan of the show, support us by buying some merchandise or the season 4 DVD!”

Yes please show your support for this incredible show. They have great T-shirts, hats and special DVD’s with exclusive content (i.e. bare bear booty)  at their website and follow them on Facebook and twitter @WhereTheBearsR Talk about the show as much as possible. Let the world know we definitely need another season of Where the bears are!


Visit their site at the link here;


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